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A safe, warm, and enriching environment.


Melissa Hood

Director of Early Childhood Education

"The hardest part about being a parent of a young child is dropping them off with someone you don't know. At Kiddie Calvert we provide you with the reassurance that your child is being cared for in a safe, warm, and enriching environment."

Kiddie Calvert is a child care and early learning center serving families in Baltimore, Maryland with enriching daycare and preschool services. Specializing in the care of infants, toddlers, and preschool-aged children, our program is designed to build confidence, independence, and academic interest in our boys and girls, preparing them to succeed in kindergarten and beyond.
For more than a decade, Kiddie Calvert has faithfully nurtured children within the Calvert School community, guiding them from their first steps to their first day of Kindergarten (Fifth Age), and now we are proud to extend our program to include more families from throughout the Baltimore community.
Kiddie Calvert is open to boys and girls aged 10 weeks to five years old. Five-year-old children may be enrolled until May 31st following the child’s fifth birthday.

Our Mission

Kiddie Calvert strives to provide enriching, high-quality child care that meets the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical needs of children in our community. We believe in offering a safe, loving, and supportive environment where boys and girls feel comfortable growing.


Using time-tested methods and proven lessons, we aim to prepare every child for their educational journey ahead.

Our Philosophy

At Kiddie Calvert, we believe that a child’s work is play, and to play is to learn. That is why our program follows a Learning to Play, Playing to Learn philosophy. Our research-based approach to enrichment promotes growth across all aspects of development, including those gained from socialization and play, and all Kiddie Calvert educators respect and respond to each child’s rapidly changing needs.


As part of this philosophy, fun is an integral part of the Kiddie Calvert curriculum, and playful experiences throughout the day serve to promote a love of learning.

Our Staff

Kiddie Calvert teachers are not only warm, welcoming, and energetic, but they are experts in using age-appropriate learning to promote growth in our boys and girls. Highly skilled and professionally trained, each Kiddie Calvert educator holds a degree in early childhood education, and all staff members are licensed and certified by the Maryland State Department of Education, making them certified childcare providers in Baltimore.

Our History

For almost 125 years, Calvert School has put students and young children first, nurturing them in a safe, supportive environment that provides unparalleled education. Nearly 20 years ago, we expanded our campus to include a Middle School, allowing our learners to continue their Calvert journey through Eighth Grade. Shortly after, we expanded again, opening the doors to the Kiddie Calvert early childhood education center in 2007.


For 13 years, Kiddie Calvert has provided reliable child care and early education for the youngest members of our community – and most recently, we have partnered with the community of Cross Keys to establish a second Kiddie Calvert location.


At both locations, Kiddie Calvert provides an enriching child care experience for Baltimore’s youngest learners. Open to boys and girls aged 10 weeks to five years old, our early learning centers allow us to welcome new families to our community and spread the joys of a Calvert School experience. Click here to learn more about our unique program.

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