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Our Program

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Kiddie Calvert is more than a standard daycare center. In addition to frequent playtime, regular afternoon rest, and fun throughout the day, our young learners also participate in research-based,

age-appropriate lessons designed to enhance their development.

Preparing for School

We are more than a daycare center, we are child-development experts. In small classes guided by expert teachers, Kiddie Calvert children learn vital social and emotional skills, self-help abilities, and academic essentials that prepare them to begin their educational journey in “big school.” These lessons help children gain valuable communication skills, creativity, high-level thinking, and playful experiences throughout the day to kickstart a love of learning.



Small Class Sizes

As part of our mission to meet each child’s unique social, emotional, physical, and cognitive needs, Kiddie Calvert class sizes are kept small, ensuring that every child receives ample individual attention and care. Within these intimate class settings, children are taught to play, learn, and solve problems together. This teaches them to share, use manners, and empathize with their friends.

Partnering with Parents

At Kiddie Calvert, we understand that the hardest part of being a parent is leaving your child in the care of someone you don’t know. That is why our program focuses on building trust between your family and ours through parent partnerships and regular communication.


Every day, Kiddie Calvert teachers provide updates and real-time photos to our parents. Delivered through a convenient and easy-to-use app, these updates include lesson plans, photos of group and individual activities, and “talking points” that parents can use to engage with their child’s learning. Designed to encourage communication between parents and their child, these talking points ensure that families can discuss each day’s events, review new skills and activities, and be an active participant in their child’s educational journey.


In addition to daily messages, Kiddie Calvert teachers also provide assessments and milestone check-ins four times per year, allowing parents to keep track of their child’s development.


Through these important communications, Kiddie Calvert's Baltimore childcare center aims to build a warm, nurturing environment where both children and parents feel supported.

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