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Our Curriculum

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Learning Based in Trust, Warmth, and Joy

Children enrolled in Kiddie Calvert's daycare and preschool in Baltimore gain valuable learning and social skills within the care of high-quality, professionally trained and certified teachers. Guided by the modern and age-appropriate curriculum designed by Frog Street, Kiddie Calvert boys and girls expand their vocabularies, learn basic math principles, and discover a love of reading that eases their transition to “big school.”


As part of this preparation, our boys and girls explore the foundations of phonetics, reading, and sentence structure in addition to art, music, and STEM. Under our scaffolding approach to development, the children steadily assume more responsibility over their learning as we connect physical actions (like playing with blocks) to cognitive development (counting).


At Kiddie Calvert, we also know that playtime has an important role in child development, and our Learning to Play, Playing to Learn philosophy informs every part of our curriculum. By wrapping academics into games and group activities, our boys and girls gain vital skills while having fun, laying the foundation for lifelong learning.


In addition to academics, our curriculum focuses on fostering strong social skills and emotional awareness in every child. Guided by teachers who follow Dr. Becky Bailey’s Conscious Discipline®, our children learn empathy, accountability, and independence while strengthening soft skills like collaboration and communication. Using Dr. Bailey’s Conscious Discipline® teachings, our educators provide each child with the skills to name their emotions, regulate them, and solve problems, preparing them to manage conflict and form positive relationships as they grow.


While expert instructors are always nearby to help, Kiddie Calvert also encourages children to put on and take off their own coats and shoes, walk, stand, and crawl on their own, and recognize a daily routine. These small steps toward independence ensure that our boys and girls thrive as they begin elementary school and continue their educational journey.

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